Exploring Baptism Together

Recently we had a couple of children (9 & 11) who expressed a desire to be baptised, both having come to faith a short while ago. We were thrilled, but aware that we’ve not baptised children before and that our usual ‘prep’ wouldn’t be appropriate. Ahead of the Baptism service at Easter, I produced a two-sided worksheet; the first side for them to complete with their parents prior to the service (looking at Jesus’ Baptism & the Great Commission), and the second to be completed during the service with any words/actions they didn’t understand.

Subsequently I prepared a four-sided workbook for us to work through together (both children and a parent each in one session) to explore Baptism. The first page reviews the previous sheet and the Baptism service, the second explore symbolism & Scripture, the third looks at the questions candidates are asked/statements they make (and asks what their own answers would be) and a quick look at the response of the crowd in Acts 2, the fourth is a mini-dictionary of words we may encounter and simple definitions.

We still have a way to go together, but I’m looking forward to the journey – and I’ll update in the comments to let you know how we get on.


Below are links to PDF copies of each resource, both the original version and an annotated version for a leader. I hope & pray they will be a blessing to you.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Baptism Together”

  1. Thanks for producing and making available this excellent material – I think it’s the best I’ve seen for use with children, and I especially like the way it encourages them to engage with a service and ask if they don’t understand something, instead of ‘switching off’. I have downloaded it ready for when we next have children asking for baptism.

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