Twitter Digest for for 2010-11-28

  • RT @rhutch: Breaking News. Steve Jobs is to buy Ireland to solve the debt problem. It will be rebranded iLand #Bailout #
  • I woke up this morning as the father of a one year old son – how did that happen? Wouldn't change a single thing though! Love you Isaac x #
  • RT @babyrew: I've had 2 days of birthday celebrations already; today is actually my birthday & I'm about to open the rest of my presents. #
  • exhausted after 2+ hours in the soft play area with the birthday boy! By comparison the church meeting will seem very dull tonight ;0) #
  • RT @babyrew: Two firsts for me today: seeing piglets & eating Frazzles* – the two were not directly related {*other bacon snacks available} #
  • Day of emails/admin and service planning x2 – then Emulate meeting followed by Safeguarding Group Meeting. Then bed hopefully! #
  • Upcoming Event: Appreciating Christians in Education – #
  • Have you been positively influenced by a teacher? Please share your story >> #
  • 16 mobile Bible reading/study apps – find one which suits you: #
  • I love Dropbox because it's simple, quick & reliable. #
  • Back from great early prayer meeting at Leon School – now have a morning off with Tracy & Isaac: Christmas shopping! #
  • contemplating surrender (in a positive way, of course) #
  • What a brilliant afternoon: just woken from a long nap with my boy, and confirmed some work with a Primary school. #
  • RT @missionalrev: I met Santa today – Jesus is way cooler! #
  • RT @RickWarren: You only discover your true self by surrendering your self completely to Christ. // the message of our service tomorrow. #
  • Too late to put the finishing touches to this morning's service? Of course not! #
  • The difference between 'Jesus as Saviour' & 'Jesus as Lord' is surrender… #