Twitter Digest for for 2010-10-17

  • RT @howiescardigan: → Banksy does The Simpsons #
  • Nice comfy beds at High Leigh – missed early prayers, but am up & raring to go for breakfast! #
  • final morning of the CBA Ministers Conference – been a great time of teaching & challenge (+ incredibly productive too, but keep that quiet) #
  • back from the conference; enjoyed some lovely time with the family, now out to Amicus for our Monopoly Deal Tournament. #
  • 'if you've never had an "oh crap!" moment, you've never heard from God' – Perry Noble #
  • back to decaf after 3 days of caffeinated coffee at Conference – I predict I'll be asleep by midday! #prayforproductivity #
  • RT @MartinWroe: Morning has broken. (Will need to be more careful with this afternoon). #
  • Blog update: a compelling call to evangelism #
  • still lovin' Fridays – Teddy Tots then Emulate @ Leon: from one extreme to the other, but both hugely rewarding in their own way! #
  • 'Jesus didn't come and die so we would go to church; He came and died so that we would be the Church' – Jud Wilhite #
  • nearly ready for the service tomorrow – just the sermon to go (eek!!!) #
  • praising God for an awesome service – so grateful to serve with such talented & willing worship leaders – all glory to God!! #
  • have a week off from tomorrow – can't wait – but first the small matter of my *must*clear*before*holiday* to-do list {gulp!} #
  • think I can hear the bottom of the barrel being scraped #xfactor #dianavickers #