Twitter Digest for for 2010-10-10

  • RT @babyrew: Today I took my first steps: four well-controlled steps, and without any encouragement – there's no stopping me now!! #
  • when a day off in lieu coincides with a long, unexpected lie-in, you know you've been blessed! #
  • RT @babyrew: See me take some of my first steps: #
  • today I *will* finish my RSC reading – one chapter to go, and it *can't*possibly* be duller than the previous one! #
  • reading done! A few months late, and an horrendous slog, but still done. Now just need to write a reflection on it (deep joy!) #
  • two days off in lieu and then an uber-busy day today – it almost isn't worth taking the time out sometimes… #
  • what's the world record for cups of tea and toilet breaks in one morning? Think I may be able to claim it today! #
  • off to Oakgrove School for Year 9 Assembly: I just have to be an anti-social yob in a hoodie – shouldn't be too taxing; #
  • up very early this morning – off to Didcot (centre of the Baptist universe?) #
  • was looking forward to listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2, but Richard Maidely was covering, so I drove into oncoming traffic instead! #
  • Hosting & leading Home Group tonight – first time in the new house; tours available if you're quiet ;0) #
  • Seems to be working so far – wonderful if it will take off… #
  • another week has disappeared as quickly as it arrived – but looking forward to a *fantastic* weekend, starting now: good friends for dinner. #
  • RT @babyrew: it's my dedication! Family & friends travelling from far + wide to give thanks to God for little me, & to promise to love me. #