Twitter Digest for for 2010-10-03

  • awesome night at Synergy: explored and took Communion together, enjoyed fun & games, ate 75 donuts and worshipped our amazing God! #
  • RT @MarkBatterson: the reason worship feels so right is because we are reflecting the reality of what is happening in heaven all the time. #
  • great Church meeting tonight – who knew that was possible?! Praying for more of the same… #
  • Keeping your house clean with small children is like trying to brush your teeth while eating an Oreo. #
  • feeling rough, sounding rough & looking rough this morning – gonna be a 'great' day… Roll on bedtime! #
  • RT @davidmkeen: The Royal Ballet had to make cuts to it's latest production of Swan Lake. The national tour of Duck Pond begins in November. #
  • RT @glsociety: The purpose of evangelism is not just 2 save people from dying w/o Christ, but 2 save them from living without him.-G. Sweazy #
  • there's a first: in a line-up of four speakers, I spoke for the shortest time! #
  • RT @tinymind: Mission is not an option (via @simonrudiger ) #
  • Urgh! Up early on my 'day off' ready for a long day serving at 'Benzival' to raise money for Amicus – praying that it will stay dry… #