Twitter Digest for for 2010-09-26

  • nothing like a 4k run in the morning to get your blood pumping and your lungs burning – no chance of a nap until at least 6pm though! #
  • RT @DaveGorman: You can say what you like about Dawkins but when God was handing out brains he was at the front of the queue. #
  • meeting my new BU Mentor for a 'compatibility meeting' – it's a bit like a blind date I think… #
  • RT @craiggroeschel: Instead of hoping to give your kids more than what you had, how about helping them do more than what you did? #
  • RT @babyrew: I'm exactly 10 months old today but more exciting than that I've got my first tooth! That explains the snotty nose then. #
  • RT @nickcarnes: I’m learning lately that EVERYONE wants to be part of a great church but VERY FEW want to be part of making a church great. #
  • RT @RickWarren: Leaders never say "Go!" They say "Let's go!" Not "Do" but "Let's do" They sacrifice first, long before asking others. #
  • RT @RickWarren: God never intended the Gospel to be doctrine we debate but good news we announce! While believers debate the world is dying! #
  • Off for a quick run before lunch, then back to finish the sermon for Sunday. #
  • another 4k run done, slightly better pace – happy with that. I must have inhaled a few hundred calories running past the Chip Shop though… #
  • clocking off after an afternoon of Sermon prep – but looking forward to the Home Group social tonight (after dinner with Tracy, Isaac & Mum) #
  • apparently Facebook's been down most of the evening and you can just feel that the world is so much more productive: keep up the good work! #
  • RT @zeldman: Liking the new redesigned So much cleaner, annoying items removed, no more privacy worries. #
  • Right, sermon done – really excited, can't wait to preach it! And so to bed… #
  • and breathe! At last, a much needed day off & gorgeous weather for the Aerial Assault at Willen. If I'm not at Church come and get me down! #