I’m a huge fan of (read ‘addicted to’) t-shirts from Threadless. In fact, I’m rarely seen wearing anything else (although I do wear trousers occasionally). This page exists for three reasons:

  • to promote the excellent Threadless products
  • a reminder to me of the designs I’ve purchased
  • a crib sheet for friends who don’t want to buy the same as me

Best Mime Ever Emotional Trip In Case Of Fire November Was A Good Month War And Peas Impatient Technology Ruins Nature I Want To Be Friends Procrastinators - Leaders Of Tomorrow Paperboy Party Pieces Being Vague... I love Threadless... Threadless Not Your Average Polo Fire And Ice Bring Back Naptime So He Killed Your Dad Ambition Killed The Cat Bald Eagle Bear Hug Biblical Disaster Happy Hospital I shower naked Operation Needed Selfless This is in spanish when you're not looking Who Cares 99 Luftballoons Blog Fish Tank Honest Tee Pessimistic or Optimistic? Predicament Goldie Gingerbread Nightmares Best Friends Forever A Fathom Farewell You Are What You Eat Pillow Fight Flower Power Bunny and Gopher mmm... oranges Jellyfish Killed My Wife Fight Water, Just Water Pencils Are Erasist OMG Brand Tee Shirt Permafrost Pollution Elastic Band Gun Portrait of a Gentleman Big Time Player Pandamonium Glueniverse Bleeding Heart Teddybear loves Teddyboy HIGH Voltage She Doesnt Even Realize

Disclosure: if you click on the above links and order the t-shirts from Threadless I will receive a small credit towards future orders. Thanks in advance for your support.

nude no more...

3 thoughts on “Threadless”

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  3. Oh wow! I've only got two shirts but would love more. I think the postage time is a bit of a hesitation though.
    I have:
    – In case of emergency break dance
    and – Original Gamester (i think) :)

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