The Only Way…

Yesterday was quite a day, and in many ways was the culmination of a big year. A year of trusting God and seeking His way forward; a year of getting frustrated, of doubting, and of messing up occasionally (but pretty spectacularly). But God has been faithful throughout, and His leading has been evident, His provision amazing, and His plan & timing perfect (as ever).

Last April I was given a year’s notice of the end of my post at Spurgeon Baptist Church [SBC]. A post which was anticipated to last only 3 years, but has actually lasted 7 and a half (only in God’s economy!).

Yesterday was the end of a process with another church which began last October, via a little ‘detour’ on the way. Beginning with an informal meeting with the ministry team, then an interview with a panel from across the church, then last weekend a family visit to as many church groups as possible before preaching on Sunday evening. Yesterday they had a church meeting to discern if they felt God had sent them the right person to fill their role.

I’m pleased to say that they were very clear about their approval. So yesterday I received & accepted the call to be the Minister for Children & Youth at Rayleigh Baptist Church [RBC] in Essex. We are so grateful to God for His clear leading, His patience & persistence. We are grateful to RBC for their warm, enthusiastic welcome, and to our church family at SBC for their love, prayers & support.

There are lots of details for be worked out & plans to be made, but we are excited about our new family adventure in Essex – apparently, it’s the only way… [theologically questionable though]