The Flaw of Post-Modernism?

Alternative, more provocative title: Brian McLaren in a blouse?

“The excerpt is from an episode from the 14th season of E.R. titled ‘Atonement’. A man looking for answers does not find what he needs in a post-modern view of religion.”

4 thoughts on “The Flaw of Post-Modernism?”

  1. I found this profound in so many ways. While I appreciate Brian McLaren and he has saved my faith in many ways, this was thought-provoking in a way you don't expect to see on prime-time television.

  2. You know, despite the point the writers were obviously trying to make, I'm not sure that someone 'with answers' would really have helped the guy. I'm reminded of the Book of Job. I'd always thought that it was a bit 'hard-hearted' the way God says basically, 'Just suck it in'. But one day I was thinking – what answer would I have WANTED God to make to Job? And the truth is, there are some situations where ANY answer just seems a blasphemy – perhaps that's the message of Job. And in the same way, I'm not sure that someone coming in and saying to that guy, "You want answers? Here it is. Just pray this prayer and God will definitely forgive you and you can leave your guilt behind." would have necessarily done the trick either. Some times you just have to be angry…

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