Remembering Teachers

School wasn’t my favourite time for lots of reasons, but I can look back on it now with fond memories.  In preparation for an event we’re organising to celebrate, encourage & commission Christian teachers, I’ve been reflecting on some school memories, and in particular, some of my teachers.

During my first school & middle school years I had some excellent teachers who made learning fun (and some who made it not even seem like learning!), but the teachers who really stand out are mostly from my time in secondary school.  I won’t say too much here, as I’ll be sharing some of the stories during the event: for now let’s just say one was referred to as ‘the Hobbit’, one was ‘fit as!’ and another (supply teacher) went on to become leader of MK Council…

During the event we’d like to include anecdotes & stories of teachers (and support workers) who really stood out during your school life, who had a significant positive impact on you, and

Do you have a story to share?

  • perhaps you can think of a member of staff who has had a lasting impact on you: a teacher, dinner lady, secretary, caretaker, or librarian…
  • maybe there’s a specific incident you can recall from your school day where you were inspired by an individual…
  • or have you kept in contact with one of your former teachers, and become friends over time…

There is a huge amount of excellent work being done in schools by great teachers & support workers. Can you spare a few minutes to share your story and perhaps in turn inspire them? Please add it as a comment below, or drop me an email:

4 thoughts on “Remembering Teachers”

  1. Not my experience but that of Sir Ken Robinson on BBC R4's "Saturday Live", today 20/11. He talks about his abilities almost being missed because he was moved to a different school when he contracted polio. Almost by chance, someone spotted that he was gifted, he was advised to take and passed the 11+ exam and went on to success. You can hear the appropriate part on the 'role of a mentor' for yourself on… by selecting the time slot 21:00 – 23:00 of a 58 minute broadcast. The whole programme is worth listening to, if you have time. Personal memories? – need to collect my thoughts on those!

    1. Thanks Douglas. He's a great speaker and an inspiring character. I've listened to him before and this programme has just led me to return to his TED talks (particularly this one). I think there's a lot in there that will help me as I prepare for the teacher's event.

      I look forward to your personal memories. Please point others here to share theirs too – thanks!

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  3. As promised, here is my experience!

    My favourite teacher, and probably one of the people who shaped me most over my school life was my secondary RE teacher, Miss Windsor (now Maw).

    By luck of the draw, or a little negotiation on her part, I was taught by her the full six years I was at secondary school, including the two years I was in sixth form. She was always an amazing teacher, clearly loving and knowing her subject and genuinely caring for the young people in her class. But it was in year 11 that she really showed the depth of that care.

    Her and her fiance (who happened to be my first form tutor) chose to be the school representatives at my Mum's funeral. It meant so much to me to see them there supporting me. It went so far above and beyond their call of duty.

    Then in sixth form, she was one of the people who basically kept me together and pulled me through what were two of the toughest years ever. Her constant encouragement and reassurance helped me to see that I could finish and pass my Alevels, even when they seemed the most impossible of tasks.

    She inspired and encouraged me to follow the path of higher education I am on now, and I will always me massively grateful to her for that.

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