Planning on the Edge

Church on the EdgeJust a minor diversion – mostly for my own benefit – as I think through our new youth work project. Some notes from Church on the Edge:

  • Purpose: what are we here for?
    • everything else should be measured up against this
  • Values: what is important to us?
    • values are often not what you make up, but are what you observe about yourselves and the way you do things…
  • Vision: where are we going?
    • vision should be imaginable, desirable, feasible, focussed, flexible and communicable
  • Strategy: how will we get there?
    • plans to make it work – reality is shown up when you think about strategy
  • Goals: what will we do and by when?
    • goals help you to make a start

Strategy and goals are likely to change as you travel along the journey – they are contextual – and change because they are based on the latest information – as you learn lessons and build up knowledge your strategy and goals are likely to change.

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