Pip – Week Thirty Seven

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Don’t worry, I’m still here – and still growing – and putting on lots of fat. #
  • I should now have a full head of hair – Daddy will be so proud! :o) #
  • After much deliberation, testing, mind-changing & more deliberation, my new wheels have just arrived! Black with lime green detail – classy. #
  • My head is now cradled in Mummy’s pelvic cavity, ready for the journey, and protected by the pelvic bones. #
  • Daddy has just been chatting to me – due to the amniotic fluid, I can’t answer back, so I kicked back instead. #
  • Latest Stats: I now weight approx 2.8kg / 6.1 pounds and measure 48.6cm / 19.1 in from head to toe. #
  • Now my head is engaged I have a little more space to grow my arms and legs (and to kick Mummy’s diaphragm). #
  • Yay – the pictures from my first photo shoot are ready!! {thanks to Laura at http://www.just-shoot-me.co.uk } #