Pip – Week Thirty Nine

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Just testing mobile updates – not long now until we’ll be updating from the hospital! #
  • I’ve not even been born yet and you can already buy a Pip converter! – http://ping.fm/p/XdPF6 #
  • Latest Stats: I should now measure about 51cm (20 in) from head to toe and weigh about 3.4kg (7.4 lbs) which means I’m ready for delivery! #
  • My amniotic fluid used to be clear but is now pale and milky; I’ve been shedding the white vernix caseosa which has been protecting my skin. #
  • Mummy just felt a twinge! Hope it’s the start of something big!! #
  • My due date is just one week today!! How exciting… See you all soon. I do my best to keep updating you through the labour & delivery. #
  • So the twinge turned out to be nothing at all. Shame – I was looking forward to my journey ;o) #
  • Apparently only five per cent of babies are born on their scheduled due date – for Mummy’s sake, I plan to be one of them!! #
  • I’m so big now that I keep getting my feet caught up in Mummy’s ribs – she lets me know it makes her uncomfortable and I try to move around. #
  • Could this be my last weekend in Mummy’s tummy? I certainly hope so!!! All the hard work is about to pay off… #
  • I love you Mummy… Thank you… x #