Pip – Week Thirty Four

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Mummy & Daddy have their final ante-natal session today. Thankfully they weren’t too freaked out by last weeks look at the labour process. #
  • That’s it – no more ante-natal classes, and my bag is packed ready for the hospital. Just six weeks to go – and counting! #
  • I’m really starting to fill out and getting rounder now. I need my fat layers later to regulate my body temperature. #
  • Off to the midwife with Mummy & Daddy later this afternoon – just a few pre-flight checks ;o) #
  • My central nervous system is still maturing, but my lungs are nearly fully developed now. Apparently if I arrive early, my chances are good. #
  • Lots of hiccups recently. Apparently it’s a good sign though – they’re practice for my breathing reflexes. #
  • Good luck to Daddy who finally starts his new job today. Woohoo! #
  • I think I just heard Mummy’s pelvic joints loosening ready to assist the delivery. Slightly freaky… #