Pip – Week Forty

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Mummy & Daddy tried to entice me out today by buying a bigger car & apparently I get the whole back seat to myself (and most of the boot) #
  • They are collecting the car on Friday – maybe I’ll wait until then before I start my journey ;o) #
  • So, this is it… According to the schedule – today’s the day!! #
  • Right – I’m off with Mummy & Daddy to the Doctor for a final check-up. #
  • Doctor says everything is fine – I’m now 4/5 engaged and Mummy’s uterus has dropped (which is a good thing). Almost on my way! #
  • I hear the weather out there is pretty dodgy, but it’s warm and snug in here. Can’t think of a good enough reason to come out there yet! x #
  • Mummy says that she is able to list a ton of them though, if I’m interested ;o) #

3 thoughts on “Pip – Week Forty”

  1. i can give a few good reasons why mummy and daddy wants you to come out too and a few of my own good luck tracy lfrom lynne see you in new year xx

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