Not so smart – follow-up

Some time ago I posted about trying to write-up my aims and objectives for an exercise for the Engage Course. I said at the time:

As this isn’t a maths exam I won’t be showing you my “working out”, but I will probably publish the final objectives here – if I ever settle on any long enough to type them

Well it’s almost time to submit my work, so I’ve had to type them up and print them out. So here they are, for the sake of completeness:

My overall aim as a Christian working with young people is:

  • To share the love of God and present the Good News of Jesus Christ to young people and challenge them to respond to it.

In order to achieve that aim my objectives are:

  • To be a credible and effective Christian witness as I interact with young people.
  • To value young people, taking them seriously and to develop meaningful relationships with them.
  • To encourage and support young people through the challenges they experience as they develop physically, socially and spiritually.
  • To present young people with the Gospel in a relevant way and encourage them to engage with it, question it, and respond to it.

Feel free to comment (critically or otherwise).