Legend of the Forest

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As dawn awoke within the Forest glade,
The rising sun broke through the leafy shade;
The song of bird with rapture filled the air,
And wild-life stirred from hidden, secret lair;
The Forest knew, – and thought the day looked fair.

A woodman came, three trees to seek and fell,
The supple ash, a sturdy oak as well;
And from the heights, a strong, tall pine to take.
From each, a Cradle, Bench, and Cross to make;
The Forest knew, – and felt its heart would break.

As darkness fell, where once three trees had stood,
A Stranger knelt. His hands once nailed to wood.
And by those hands, three saplings, small and white
were planted there, throughout that quiet night.
The forest knew, – and waited for the light.

Trude Bedford – 1912-2000

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