Filling Out and Filling In…

As commented upon by a number of people on Tuesday I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping this site updated.  Not only has the site been light on content, but also light on news.  So here’s a much needed update in note form.

Filling out – I need to exercise more and eat a little less, but that’s not really news to anyone who knows me

Filling in – concentrate, here comes the science:

There are changes afoot.  I have resigned from my position at Unipath and am currently working out my notice.  My last day is Friday 1st September and I’m currently handing my projects and responsibilities over to the other members of my team.
In September I will be heading off to University embarking on the Degree in Youth & Community Work and Applied Theology at the Oxford Centre for Youth Ministry and Oxford Brookes University.  We’re currently in the middle of lots of meetings to finalise the details of the work placement and on Monday 22nd the plans will be presented to the Church Meeting for approval.
So it won’t be long before I become a poor student and come out the other end of the course with, hopefully, a Degree and, probably about £11,000 in debt to the Government.  Deep joy!

But the intention behind the change from career to vocation is to respond to an increased sense to calling to Youth Ministry.  I’ve been involved in youth work on behalf of my Church for approximately 14 years, and over the last 3 years the calling to Youth Ministry has been gradually refined and made much clearer.  Eventually it reached the point where I could do nothing to avoid the calling – despite my best efforts.  So here I am…

It’s all very exciting, enormously challenging, and just a little scary.  Do you have any budgeting advice to offer?
In other news – I have another Threadless order in transit and will update the t-shirts page with the latest additions when they arrive.

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