Exciting News…


We’re expecting!

We’ve been waiting longer than we’d have liked (been fun practising though), but are over the moon that it’s finally happened. The last 8-10 weeks have been the most frustrating we’ve known because we’ve not been able to share the news as widely as we’d like, and we’re very sorry if we’ve had a conversation with you during that time and have had to lie about our situation; we hope you understand.  A few weeks ago we shared the news with our immediate family members, and with a few people on a need-to-know basis – and being able to talk about it with them has relieved some of the frustration.

Not  a lot else to report at the moment, except that Mummy and ‘Pip’ are progressing well.  Mummy has been feeling ill pretty regularly, but has been able to manage it by frequent snacking – as if an excuse was ever needed ;o)  Pip has been our code-name for the little one because that’s the size it was when we discovered the wonderful news.  We have our first scan on 28th April, our Wedding Anniversary and hope to post Pip’s first portrait shortly after.

Because I’m such a techie geek, and because it proved a wonderful distraction from my dissertation for a while, I set up a Twitter profile for the little one.  You can keep up to date on Pip’s developments by following @babyrew on Twitter (don’t expect babyrew to reciprocate though), or just take a look at babyrew’s profile to see developments to date.

Here are a few recent updates:

  • I can feel my fingernails growing, and I’ve started growing tiny peach-fuzz hair (just like Daddy!)
  • My heartbeat sounds like tiny horses galloping…I guess that’s healthy though.
  • Apparently I have a big head (wonder who I got that from) – it’s half the length of my entire body!
  • The inner workings of the ears are almost complete, and my genitals have begun to form (the two things aren’t related!)
  • My eyelids are fused (don’t worry though, they’re supposed to be) and won’t open for another 19 weeks – not much to see in here anyway ;o)
  • Tasty! I’ve just started growing a tongue…
    • {be sure to check out the updates at the start of April ;o) :: 1 :: 2 ::}

{ if you have no idea what Twitter is and how it works, watch this video }

We’d love your suggestions for appropriate names – please bear in mind the surname (‘Rew’) when making your selection.  Names such as ‘Kanga‘, ‘Bucka‘, ‘Corksc‘ and ‘Chimchimney-chimchimcha‘ are clearly out of the question.  We’ll leave the rest to your judgment.  Add your suggestions (funny or serious) as a comment below.

That’s it for now – make sure you check @babyrew on Twitter regularly to keep fully up to speed ;o)

13 thoughts on “Exciting News…”

  1. Guys, that is fantastic news. God is good!
    We are delighted for you . The New York are must be good!!
    Love Evelien

  2. Hey Ricky & Tracy.
    As a fellow " waiting for what seems like the longest hardest time" parents.. I really can imagine how incredibly overwhelmed with joy you must be. It's only gna get better too! so enjoy everything ( perhaps not the sickness, but be encouraged it will pass soon.)
    Love & congrats comin at ya
    will shoot up a prayer periodically as we thank God for this blessing and hand you both & pip back to him to care for you all during this exciting time.

    Tash & Euan + clan xx

  3. I hope you logged a ticket for it and if you did you can close it later in the year.
    Many congratulations to you both.

  4. fantastic news – congratulations.
    With being in New York, I think a New York type name would be cool – ok, bad idea, been done before, will now crawl under a stone!!

  5. Gary & Gill Ansc

    Congrats to both of you, God has blessed you with your marriage and now added to that with "Pip". Thanks for sharing your good news.

    All the very best for the future.

    God bless.

    Gary & Gill

  6. Hey – Congratulations guys! Back of the net!

    Will you be following Becks and Posh in choosing a name? I note you had a 'good' time in New York! The alternative of 'Bletchley' as opposed to 'Brooklyn' doesnt have quite the same ring in my view but there we go!

    Tim and Cary

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