How to Not Mess Up the Great Commission Too Much

I’m not a Children’s worker: it’s not my particular gifting. But I’m being increasingly challenged about the importance of work (particularly evangelism) with children.  More on that later…but for now my mantra will be:

Aim Lower
Think Smaller
Give Up
Go and have a cup of coffee *

And here’s why:

* to be fair, this has always been part of my personal mantra ;o)


  1. Hi Ricky,

    You’ll like a book written by an Australian in Britain:
    One Generation from Extinction by Mark Griffiths

    Have you come across it?


    • Hi Hetty,

      How strange – I had study leave last week and read Mark’s book. I loved it. Really helpful & challenging. Hoping to post a short review if time allows.

      Thanks for the tip though ;o)

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