Appreciating Christians in Education

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I am fortunate to know a number of teachers & support workers: some are members at my Church, others are friends, some are acquaintances. I’m privileged to be able to go into our local Secondary school once a fortnight and pray with some of them.

The city I live in has a high proportion of young people – and as a result has a lot of schools (90 Primary, 13 Secondary) and, of course, a lot of teachers/support workers too. For the last year we’ve been thinking about putting on an event for Christians who work in our local schools:

  • to encourage them
  • share some resources
  • give them space to chat together
  • celebrate the work they do
  • commission them for another year

Now the thinking and dreaming is over, and the planning and doing has begun. But the scope has changed, as we’ll be extending the invitation to Christians in Education across the whole of Milton Keynes and we’ll be working in partnership with the MK Bridgebuilder Trust.

We’ll be releasing more details in due course, but if you’d like to be kept informed about the event, add a comment below or drop me an email:

Meanwhile, please pray that we’d reach as many Christians in Education as possible.

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