Youth Work

Encouraging Communication

Following a sudden death in a family in our church I’ve produced a set of cards to help the family communicate as they grieve. The idea is for a child/young person (or parent) to complete the card highlighting a particular feeling/frustration then hand it to a family member/friend to inform… Read More »Encouraging Communication

Newsletter – Dec 2011

I’ve just finished publishing the latest Youth Ministry Update newsletter. Click below to view it online, or download it in PDF format. Whilst it’s great to hear the news of new and existing projects, please pay special attention to the final section about how to support us – this is… Read More »Newsletter – Dec 2011

In All Comes From Here*

Last Saturday the second Youthwork Summit took place in Manchester. I attended along with about about 750 other youth workers/ministers, paid & volunteer, full & part time, along with 20+ speakers, the Rend Collective Experiment, Mark Yaconelli, and the amazing team who put the event together and served us on… Read More »In All Comes From Here*

Breakout at Oakhill STC

Tonight I had the privilege of taking a group from my Church to lead worship at Oakhill Secure Training Centre.  It was our second visit to lead their Chapel service, and I was looking forward to it.  I’ve heard some great things about what the Lord has been doing at… Read More »Breakout at Oakhill STC

Youthwork Summit – Notes

On Saturday 23rd October I spent the day in London in the presence of 592 youth workers/leaders/ministers/etc and at least 20 speakers at the first Youthwork Summit: ‘a new kind of youth work event… breaking down old ways of doing things, and finding new ones; listening to a wider range… Read More »Youthwork Summit – Notes

Young People & The Media

It’s great to see on the Editors Blog that the BBC are trying to redress the balance of negative journalism towards young people by involving 250 schools in a “massive journalism deployment” involving 10,000 young people aged 11-14. Stories that have already been filed include items on social networking, mobile… Read More »Young People & The Media

Planning on the Edge

Just a minor diversion – mostly for my own benefit – as I think through our new youth work project. Some notes from Church on the Edge: Purpose: what are we here for? everything else should be measured up against this Values: what is important to us? values are often… Read More »Planning on the Edge

The Rolling Exhibition

Excerpt from an article in the Christian Science Monitor entitled “A legless artist documents the world in 32,000 stares“: A 3-foot-1-inch tall man with no legs propelling himself along by his hands on a skateboard tends to warrant a fair share of attention. People stare. Sometimes they ask questions. Sometimes… Read More »The Rolling Exhibition

Different Christmas

Yesterday I lad the Brigade Service at Church on the theme of “A Different Christmas”. We had a quiz based around the following Christmas statistics (source) and then reflected on them and what they say about how we ‘celebrate’ Christmas: £600 million – spent on decorations annually 2 million metres… Read More »Different Christmas