Theologically Reflect on that!

The title of this post is a phrase we frequently quote both during and between lectures – and is usually said with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The phrase was my first thought when I read the quote below:

“I wanted a bike, and asked God to give me one. But then I realized God doesn’t work that way. So I decided to steal a bike and ask God for forgiveness. It worked.” – Emo Phillips [via Marko]

I might throw that one into the mix during our Ethics lecture on Tuesday…

Wednesday Wisdom

Stamina and material permitting, this is the start of a series of posts which will feature snippets of wisdom from many sources. Please feel free to comment below if you’d like to contribute your own wisdom.

As I’m currently working hard towards the mid-year submission for the long-double Fieldwork module, the following couldn’t be more apt:

Done is better than perfect.

Tempting though it may be at times, this does not represent my approach to either my academic work or youth work. It may, however, have been my approach to re-decorating the kitchen recently ;o)