Windmill Reflections

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Having started by reflecting on the art of sailing and being led to the work of the Holy Spirit, I now come to some reflections on the nature & purpose of a windmill. [if you’ve not read the first post, I recommend you do so before continuing] This weekend I visited… Read More »Windmill Reflections

Sails Safely Stowed

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A few months ago, whilst on a retreat day, I was out walking, thinking, praying, listening to God, and taking photos. I was less than a mile from my childhood home, but in an area I’d not explored previously*. [* I had tried to explore it previously, but had been… Read More »Sails Safely Stowed

Kingdom of God…

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The Kingdom of God is like a cobweb: always there, but seldom seen unless you’re looking for it often surprising you when you run into it unexpectedly early in the morning, it is heavy with refreshing dew; pregnant with possibility Lord, open us up to see the Kingdom of God… Read More »Kingdom of God…

Prophetic Photography?

I took this picture in 2007 whilst at MK Summer Camp in St. Ives. As I was wandering around the town during some very rare free time, I spotted this row of cottages and took a photo. I remember thinking at the time how I’d love to return to St.… Read More »Prophetic Photography?

Lakeside Scene

Lakeside Scene, a photo by easyrew on Flickr. Just to the right of this shot is the other of the twin lakeside pavillions where I proposed to Tracy six and a half years ago.

Peace Pagoda

Recently I’ve been challenged about the use of an inappropriate image for a Christian project. What follows are my reflections on whether or not using the image was wise or appropriate. When setting up a new project recently (Hope MK) and putting together the website, I selected a number of… Read More »Peace Pagoda

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster, a photo by easyrew on Flickr. Taken on a recent visit to Stowe Gardens….