Free Francis Chan Books

[this is a re-post from Youth Ministry Geek but with updated links for UK readers – unfortunately only the Kindle versions are free. Thanks to Stuart Earl for the heads-up.] “Today and tomorrow 3 of Francis Chan’s bestselling books are free in ebook form, they are great books and I… Read More »Free Francis Chan Books

Top Posts of 2010

I’m always one for jumping on a bandwagon, so here are the website updates on this site which received the most traffic during 2010: Youthwork Summit – Notes Including Children & Young People in Worship * Breakout at Oakhill STC The Children’s Talk: Critiquing Current Practice * Options for Worship… Read More »Top Posts of 2010

Issues with Tweetdeck for iPhone

Over the last year my use of Twitter has developed from simply geek-chic & vanity, to it being a genuinely useful tool for my work/ministry & interests.  I’ve connected with a huge number of people around the country (and some further afield) who have shared resources, experiences & conversations which… Read More »Issues with Tweetdeck for iPhone

Bookmarks for November 18th to November 19th

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These are the links I’ve bookmarked recently on Delicious [November 18th to November 19th]: Milton Keynes Schools Website – Facts and Figures on… 2005 English Church Census and Evangelicalism – General findings on church attendance in England from the 2005 English Church Census, including denominational figures, and statistics on evangelical… Read More »Bookmarks for November 18th to November 19th

Bring the Christmas Story Alive

Introducing the Natwivity (Twitter Nativity) This Christmas, parents and grandparents will attend their childrens’ schools to watch their miniature shepherds, angels and inn keepers perform the Nativity story. This traditional retelling remains a huge part of Christmas in the UK and, for many, will be the only time they hear… Read More »Bring the Christmas Story Alive