Trying To Overflow

The following quotes stood out for me as I have finalised by Engage Module 2 submission.  I know I’m cutting it fine with this one, but life has been a bit mad for the last couple of months. “…we must also understand that spirituality on the basis of human effort… Read More »

Not so smart – follow-up

Some time ago I posted about trying to write-up my aims and objectives for an exercise for the Engage Course. I said at the time: As this isn’t a maths exam I won’t be showing you my “working out”, but I will probably publish the final objectives here – if… Read More »

Unfounded Apprehension

We’ve recently had a new youth group making use of the Church Centre on Friday evenings. The group is for young people with learning difficulties/mental handicaps and they have been together for some time, but the leadership has recently changed along with the venue. The management of the group has… Read More »

Not so smart, apparently…

Back in the days when the typical household only had one TV, and family viewing was encouraged, I used to find myself watching programmes selected by others in my family. With an an older sister and a younger brother, I guess that at least added a little variety to my… Read More »