Bring the Christmas Story Alive

Introducing the Natwivity (Twitter Nativity) This Christmas, parents and grandparents will attend their childrens’ schools to watch their miniature shepherds, angels and inn keepers perform the Nativity story. This traditional retelling remains a huge part of Christmas in the UK and, for many, will be the only time they hear… Read More »Bring the Christmas Story Alive

Letter to the Editor

The following is a letter I’ve written to the Editor of the MK Citizen in response to a recent article regarding concerns at Oakhill Secure Training Centre: I read with interest your article last week regarding ‘possible abuse’ at Oakhill STC. I am an occasional visitor to Oakhill and have… Read More »Letter to the Editor

Youthwork Summit – Notes

On Saturday 23rd October I spent the day in London in the presence of 592 youth workers/leaders/ministers/etc and at least 20 speakers at the first Youthwork Summit: ‘a new kind of youth work event… breaking down old ways of doing things, and finding new ones; listening to a wider range… Read More »Youthwork Summit – Notes

Second Glance

“perhaps true beauty is something that draws our attention at second glance, once the judgement of a first glance has realised it’s mistake”

Young People & The Media

It’s great to see on the Editors Blog that the BBC are trying to redress the balance of negative journalism towards young people by involving 250 schools in a “massive journalism deployment” involving 10,000 young people aged 11-14. Stories that have already been filed include items on social networking, mobile… Read More »Young People & The Media

Church on the Edge

Some notes and quotes from Church on the Edge: “If Church is not a building you go to but a community you belong to, then when and how that meets can have no boundaries.” “If we assume everyone who comes to Church ‘ought to know what to do’, we shouldn’t… Read More »Church on the Edge

The Flaw of Post-Modernism?

Alternative, more provocative title: Brian McLaren in a blouse? “The excerpt is from an episode from the 14th season of E.R. titled ‘Atonement’. A man looking for answers does not find what he needs in a post-modern view of religion.”

Social [Networking] Commentary

So the planet warms and the Kenyans kill their neighbors and we tweet about nothing and hope the servers hold out. Facebook, Twitter, and Bird Flu – Jeffrey Zeldman