Pip – Week Seventeen

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I am now an impressive 5.5 inches/ 13 centimetres long from crown to rump and weigh approximately 5 ounces/ 140 grams. #
  • This week a protective substance called myelin will begin to slowly wrap around my spinal cord. Sounds nice… #
  • Off to Silverstone with Mummy to “run” the Race for Life – 5k here we come! #
  • My skeleton is mostly rubbery cartilage, which will harden later. With wobbly bones I’d probably dance like Daddy if I tried at the moment #

Pip – Week Sixteen

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I’ve made it to the size of an Avocado (about 5 inches long) and now weigh about 100 grams! #
  • Here comes a growth spurt: will double in weight over the next three weeks, and add inches in length. Got a feeling it’s going to be tiring! #
  • We’re all off to see the midwife today to make sure me and Mummy are doing ok. #
  • I’ve just been checked out by the midwife: all is well. My heart is currently going at 140 bpm. # Mummy asked if her tummy was larger than expected, midwife replied: most of it is liquid and wind {tell us something we didn’t know ;o) } #
  • I think I’ve found the umbilical cord – been playing about with it and squeezing it – probably shouldn’t squeeze it for too long though ;o) #
  • My circulatory system and urinary tract are in full working order, and I’m now inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid through my lungs – eurgh #
  • It’s great fun in here, and I think I can hear Daddy repeating the word “Dada” over and over. Can’t wait to get out though – much more fun. #

Pip – Week Fifteen

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I’m still small enough to fit in the palm of Daddy’s hand. #
  • Click to see an image of what I look like – much less alien this week: http://snipurl.com/babyrew-15weeks #
  • I’m currently suffering hiccups – apparently it’s a way of mastering breathing. It’s lots of fun though :o) #
  • I now weigh in at around 2.5 ounces and measure nearly 4 inches / 11 centimetres long, crown to rump. That’s quite a change from last week! #
  • My legs are growing longer than my arms now; my fingernails are fully formed and all my joints and limbs can move – can’t wait to kick Mummy #
  • Woohoo – my external genitals are now developed enough to be seen on an ultrasound. Mummy and Daddy want it to be a surprise though… #

Pip – Week Fourteen

Latest developments from Pip:

  • This is roughly what I look like now at 14 weeks – something a bit alien about the image: http://snipurl.com/babyrew-14weeks #
  • I’m now 3.5 in (9cm) from rump to crown and weigh in at a respectable 1.5 ounces. #
  • This week I will mostly be covering my parchment-thin skin with downy hair, and lots of it. Also growing eyebrows; it’s all about the hair! #
  • I am now able to grasp, squint, frown, and grimace – I get the last two from my Mummy ;o) #
  • Apparently about now I should also be able to suck my thumb; might give it a try later. Right, where will I find my thumb? #
  • Don’t want to speak too soon, but Mummy’s been feeling much better towards the end of this week; hope it continues – sorry about the nausea! #

Pip – Week Thirteen

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Mummy and Daddy have been referring to me as “him” so far, but have just switched to “her” to be fair on me. #
  • I’m growing really fast now – almost 3 inches long. #
  • I now weigh about an ounce – that’s approximately the same as half a banana… #
  • Mummy & Daddy have collected my first Bounty Pack – my first nappy is safely stored in my baby-change bag ready for when I arrive! #
  • My fingerprints are now in place – amazing! #
  • If I’m a girl I already have approximately 2 million eggs in my ovaries; if I’m a boy, there won’t be nearly as many ;o) #
  • Woohoo – my ears are in the right place now! #
  • Mummy is still feeling sick a lot of the time and tires easily – sorry Mum. #

Pip – Week Twelve

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Well that’s pretty much everything in the right place now – from tooth buds to toenails. #
  • Daddy has asked me to say ‘hi’ to all my new visitors – can’t wait to meet you all in person. #
  • Apparently I’m ‘starting to look more human’ now – how rude!! #
  • I’ve started my second Trimester – woohoo! #
  • My liver is now making bile and my kidneys are secreting urine in the bladder – what a beautiful mental image. #
  • Out with Mummy & Daddy to have my photo taken – we’re all looking forward to it. #
  • Loved having my photo taken – think I may have wriggled a little too much though ;o) #
  • Have a look and see what you think: http://snipurl.com/pip-first-scan #
  • Apparently I will be in here a little longer than first thought. D-day is now 11th November, not 8th. Good job I like it in here… #
  • If you prod Mummy’s tummy I’ll squirm – but Mummy still won’t feel me move for a while yet. Imagine the fun I can have when she does ;o) #
  • My reflexes are starting to kick in – touching my palms makes my fingers close, & touching the soles of my feet makes the toes curl down. #

Exciting News…


We’re expecting!

We’ve been waiting longer than we’d have liked (been fun practising though), but are over the moon that it’s finally happened. The last 8-10 weeks have been the most frustrating we’ve known because we’ve not been able to share the news as widely as we’d like, and we’re very sorry if we’ve had a conversation with you during that time and have had to lie about our situation; we hope you understand.  A few weeks ago we shared the news with our immediate family members, and with a few people on a need-to-know basis – and being able to talk about it with them has relieved some of the frustration.

Not  a lot else to report at the moment, except that Mummy and ‘Pip’ are progressing well.  Mummy has been feeling ill pretty regularly, but has been able to manage it by frequent snacking – as if an excuse was ever needed ;o)  Pip has been our code-name for the little one because that’s the size it was when we discovered the wonderful news.  We have our first scan on 28th April, our Wedding Anniversary and hope to post Pip’s first portrait shortly after.

Because I’m such a techie geek, and because it proved a wonderful distraction from my dissertation for a while, I set up a Twitter profile for the little one.  You can keep up to date on Pip’s developments by following @babyrew on Twitter (don’t expect babyrew to reciprocate though), or just take a look at babyrew’s profile to see developments to date.

Here are a few recent updates:

  • I can feel my fingernails growing, and I’ve started growing tiny peach-fuzz hair (just like Daddy!)
  • My heartbeat sounds like tiny horses galloping…I guess that’s healthy though.
  • Apparently I have a big head (wonder who I got that from) – it’s half the length of my entire body!
  • The inner workings of the ears are almost complete, and my genitals have begun to form (the two things aren’t related!)
  • My eyelids are fused (don’t worry though, they’re supposed to be) and won’t open for another 19 weeks – not much to see in here anyway ;o)
  • Tasty! I’ve just started growing a tongue…
    • {be sure to check out the updates at the start of April ;o) :: 1 :: 2 ::}

{ if you have no idea what Twitter is and how it works, watch this video }

We’d love your suggestions for appropriate names – please bear in mind the surname (‘Rew’) when making your selection.  Names such as ‘Kanga‘, ‘Bucka‘, ‘Corksc‘ and ‘Chimchimney-chimchimcha‘ are clearly out of the question.  We’ll leave the rest to your judgment.  Add your suggestions (funny or serious) as a comment below.

That’s it for now – make sure you check @babyrew on Twitter regularly to keep fully up to speed ;o)

Pip – Week Eleven

Latest developments from Pip:

  • I’m now 4cm long! #
  • Almost at the end of my first trimester – whatever that means ;o) #
  • Been resting a lot these last two days, but only ‘cos Mummy has a nasty cold :o( Get well soon! #
  • Woohoo! My fingers and toes have now fully separated – no more webbed feet for me… #
  • I’ve started stretching and moving around – and I *love* it! Apparently it looks like water-ballet – not so keen on that idea though. #

Pip – Week Ten

Latest developments from Pip:

  • Mummy slept really well last night, and is sleeping pretty well at the moment – I guess I should settle down now too – goodnite… #
  • Apparently I have a big head (wonder who I got that from) – it’s half the length of my entire body! #
  • This is roughly what I look like at the moment, gives you an idea of scale: http://snipurl.com/babyrew-10weeks #
  • I’ve just started swallowing and kicking – don’t think Mummy will feel it yet though as my legs are so tiny. #
  • Mummy and me have just been checked out by the midwife – all is well. Not sure if Daddy needs to be checked out too… #
  • I can feel my fingernails growing, and I’ve started growing tiny peach-fuzz hair (just like Daddy!) #
  • I’m pleased to say that Mummy has been feeling a little better today – less nauseous and not so tired; still struggles with smells though x #
  • My heartbeat sounds like tiny horses galloping…I guess that’s healthy though. #