Pip – Week Thirty Three

Latest developments from Pip: Latest stats: I now weigh about 4.4lbs/2kg and measure about 43.7cm from head to toe. Mummy is really starting to feel it…sorry. # I now spend most of my time standing on my head, ready for the birth. Hope it doesn’t become a habit… # I’m… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Three

Pip – Week Thirty Two

Latest developments from Pip: Daddy just read me another story whilst Mummy and me were in the bath – this time: Mr Greedy # Mummy has started nesting. The nursery is almost complete, and Mummy is starting to sort out my first sets of clothes. # Mummy & Daddy had… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Two

Pip – Week Thirty One

Latest developments from Pip: My development is slowing now – except the ‘getting fat’ bit. # My arms, legs and body continue to fill out – and they are now proportional in size to my head. Would look weird otherwise… # Latest Stats: I now weigh about 3.3 lbs/1.5kg and… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty One

Pip – Week Thirty

Latest developments from Pip: Bank Holiday Monday and we’re travelling back from my first holiday weekend. Great fun, but I’m sure I will enjoy the next one more… # My lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed. # Heard Daddy talking to me earlier, and may have kicked him… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty

Pip – Week Twenty Nine

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Latest developments from Pip: Yay – made it into my third trimester. Go me! # I didn’t kick for Granny and my cousins at the weekend (sorry), but kicked on cue for Mummy & Daddy tonight. # Latest Stats: I now measure about 38.6cm from head to toe. # The… Read More »Pip – Week Twenty Nine

Pip – Week Twenty Eight

Latest developments from Pip: To start the week with a ‘aw bless’, especially for you, here’s a photo of me and Mummy on the beach: # Yay – almost into the third trimester. We’re on the home straight! See you all very soon… # Mummy is likely to put… Read More »Pip – Week Twenty Eight

Pip – Week Twenty Seven

Latest developments from Pip: Sorry about the lack of updates – Daddy has been a bit busy. Normal service will now be resumed… # Just heard Daddy chatting to me, so I decided to give some proper hard kicks. He & Mummy seemed to be very pleased with me… #… Read More »Pip – Week Twenty Seven

Pip – Week Twenty Six

Latest developments from Pip: Still growing – I now measure14 inches/ 35.6 centimetres crown to foot and weigh a little more than 1.6 pounds/ 760 grams. # Think I’m just about ready to open my eyes… # What’s that sound? Wow it’s getting noisy in here. Guess that means the… Read More »Pip – Week Twenty Six