Introducing: Isaac Peter Rew

Born at 00:58 on 22nd November 2009 to proud parents Tracy & Ricky, and weighing in at 8lb 5oz. Following a long and difficult day of labour, Isaac still didn’t want to be delivered. At 11:30 it was decided to take Tracy into the operating theatre and attempt a forceps… Read More »Introducing: Isaac Peter Rew

Pip – Week Forty

Latest developments from Pip: Mummy & Daddy tried to entice me out today by buying a bigger car & apparently I get the whole back seat to myself (and most of the boot) # They are collecting the car on Friday – maybe I’ll wait until then before I start… Read More »Pip – Week Forty

Pip – Week Thirty Nine

Latest developments from Pip: Just testing mobile updates – not long now until we’ll be updating from the hospital! # I’ve not even been born yet and you can already buy a Pip converter! – # Latest Stats: I should now measure about 51cm (20 in) from head to… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Nine

Pip – Week Thirty Eight

Latest developments from Pip: Apparently my organ systems are now fully developed and in place – strange as Mummy & Daddy aren’t musical. # My lungs will be last thing to reach maturity. Even after I’m born, it may take a few hours before I establish a normal breathing pattern.… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Eight

Pip – Week Thirty Seven

Latest developments from Pip: Don’t worry, I’m still here – and still growing – and putting on lots of fat. # I should now have a full head of hair – Daddy will be so proud! :o) # After much deliberation, testing, mind-changing & more deliberation, my new wheels have… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Seven

Pip – Week Thirty Six

Latest developments from Pip: I’m now a mean fat-making machine – I’m now gaining approx 28g a day! # Latest Stats: I now weigh nearly 2.7kg / 5.9 lbs and measure approx 47.4cm / 18.6 in long from head to toe. # Congratulations to Daddy who Graduates today with a… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Six

Pip – Week Thirty Five

Latest developments from Pip: Latest Stats: I now weigh 2.4kg/5.2lbs and measure 46.2cm / 18.1 inches (that’s one and a half school rulers). Nearly ready to pop out ;o) # Mummy & Daddy can now occasionally see my elbows, feet & head protruding from Mummy’s stomach when I stretch and… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Five

Pip – Week Thirty Four

Latest developments from Pip: Mummy & Daddy have their final ante-natal session today. Thankfully they weren’t too freaked out by last weeks look at the labour process. # That’s it – no more ante-natal classes, and my bag is packed ready for the hospital. Just six weeks to go –… Read More »Pip – Week Thirty Four