EasyRew is the online persona of Richard/Rich/Ricky/Rick/Dickie Rew (now you see why EasyRew is just easier!). When he grows up he wants to be able to standardise on just one name.

He was formerly a full-time professional Web Developer, and voluntary Christian Youth Leader in Milton Keynes; then Youth Minister at Spurgeon Baptist Church, Bletchley, and now Youth & Children’s Pastor at Rayleigh Baptist Church.

He has been variously described as:

  • Balding
  • Cuddly
  • Lovely [thanks mum!]
  • PowerPoint guru
  • Gifted teacher
  • Awesome [twice in one week!]
  • Girlie on the inside
  • A fat knacker
  • Preacher man
  • “teacher, uncle, friend”
  • “our special brother in Christ”

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